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MHR-Banner is a WordPress plugin for people who want to easily publish their banner easily and attractively. MHR-Banner was designed to help you publish your banner or advertisement on your WordPress’s page footer. Its capability is the banner showed will not irritating your visitors. If your visitors did not like the advertisement or the banner  disturbing them, they can simply close the banner or the advertisement.Another interesting feature of this plugin is the banner will not statically on page footer, if the user scroll down the page the banner will followed down. Ok let look at the feature of this plugin and how to install it. You can download this plugin through WordPress plugin site.

After you have downloaded the plugin, extract the contents of the zip file and upload all the files into your WordPress hosting server in directory ‘wp-content/ plugins‘ using file manager or ftp software. After that, goto dashboard  and at administrator menu choose ‘plugins‘ . Find MHR-Banner[show banner/advertisement on page footer] then select ‘activate‘. Look at the picture below to help you.

MHR-banner 1

Now, the plugin is ready to use, there are  default settings, the banner will active. with default images. Tto setup the banner goto ‘settings‘ then ‘MHR-Banner‘. Refer picture below.

MHR-banner 2

After that, you will see the setting page like picture below

MHR-banner 3

MHR-banner 4

You can see there are several settings you need to configure. but the most important is ‘Banner status’ , Banner Source URL’ and ‘Click URL’. Let me explains one by one how to configure your banner.

Banner Status : set it enable if you want the banner appear on your page. By default the  setting was disabled.

Banner Source URL : Full path to your image banner. Ensure to put ‘http://‘. It cannot recognize relative path.

Click URL : Set where should  the banner should  point users when clicking the banner. Also use full URL path.

Banner Background Color : Set background color which you preferred. The color will not appear if your image banner have fit the browser width. The format of the color is RGB which stand for RED GREEN and BLUE. The format is by using hexadecimal value. The easy way, use color picker.

Options: You might use this technique to fill this setting. Before uploading image banner on your host website check the image resolution. Set the explorer view as tile and the image file resolution will show up.

MHR-banner 6

For example, look at the picture above, the resolution of file is 800 x 90 . 800 is image width whereas 90 is its height in pixels. So, use these values to fill up  banner height and banner width. For background height, normally just put what banner height was.

After you have set all the required settings, click the ‘save’ button. If there are no errors the banner should appear on your page or post.

Function Updatedupdated

Require version 2.0

Extra options

Show banner every : You can set the banner should appear in certain day. your visitors will only see the banner one per period you have set.

Stop show after : Limit the number of banner to appear on the page/post.

Disable this option : Default setting is set to this option.

Reset Cookie Button : Use this button if you want to reset your current cookie configuration.

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