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MHR Custom Anti Copy (WordPress Plugin)

Do you come here to find the solution for your web contents always being copied by other peoples without your permission. Yeah that’s the problem and here I wrote a wordpress plugin to resolve the problem. You might said that the similiar plugin already exist on internet. But for me or maybe you sometimes having trouble with the plugin. Why??. Because if you noticed it, the plugin does not provide a real customization that users want. Sometimes, there are pages or posts you don’t want to protect for some reasons for example the page contain ‘scripts’ that your visitor need to copy it.

So, this plugin was produced with custom settings. You can set the protection on a single page or entire web pages you have. Okay, to experiment with the features you must have this plugin installed on your wordpress blog. If you have not yet downloaded the plugin, get it here:


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MHR Banner (WordPress Plugin)

MHR-Banner is a WordPress plugin for people who want to easily publish their banner easily and attractively. MHR-Banner was designed to help you publish your banner or advertisement on your WordPress’s page footer. Its capability is the banner showed will not irritating your visitors. If your visitors did not like the advertisement or the banner  disturbing them, they can simply close the banner or the advertisement.Another interesting feature of this plugin is the banner will not statically on page footer, if the user scroll down the page the banner will followed down. Ok let look at the feature of this plugin and how to install it. You can download this plugin through WordPress plugin site.

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