MHR Custom Anti Copy (WordPress Plugin)

Do you come here to find the solution for your web contents always being copied by other peoples without your permission. Yeah that’s the problem and here I wrote a wordpress plugin to resolve the problem. You might said that the similiar plugin already exist on internet. But for me or maybe you sometimes having trouble with the plugin. Why??. Because if you noticed it, the plugin does not provide a real customization that users want. Sometimes, there are pages or posts you don’t want to protect for some reasons for example the page contain ‘scripts’ that your visitor need to copy it.

So, this plugin was produced with custom settings. You can set the protection on a single page or entire web pages you have. Okay, to experiment with the features you must have this plugin installed on your wordpress blog. If you have not yet downloaded the plugin, get it here:

If you wish to install it automatically then go ahead, I just wanna show a little to you how to install the plugin manually via ftp. If you don’t know what is ftp or how to use it, you can try searching on google. They were a tons of tutorials on internet.

Alright, after downloading the plugin, extract the zip file. Upload the entire folder ‘MHR-Custom-Anti-Copy’ to your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory. My suggestion is using filezilla to upload it 😉 .

After that, open your administrator’s dashboard and select plugin in the left menu. Locate the plugin named ‘MHR-Custom-Anti-Copy’ and activate it.

After the activation is done, you can set the plugin settings through settings->MHR-Custom-Anti-Copy.

If you want to set protection on every pages you have published, check ‘activate Anti Right Click’ or ‘Activate Anti Select’ or you can check both. The function of each settings are explained below.

Warning message – A message you want to show up when user tries to right click on the protected page.

Activate Anti Right Click – Set protection from right click on evey pages/posts.

Activate Anti Select – Set protection from words selection on every pages/post.

If you want to set the protection only for certain page, don’t check the boxes. Instead use shortcode. Shortcodes available is as below.

[anti-select] – disable words selection on the page.

[anti-rclick] Disable right click on the page

[anti-both] – Disable both right click and words selection.



Software box MHR Anti Copy

Make a donation to receive extended pack. You just need to donate $5 to download this extended version.

Original price : $ 12.5

Click the donate button below. Donate with only $5. Immediate download after the payment.

[currently not available.. update is carry out]

P/S: The Price will increase after this update.if you have get this Extended Version before you will receive the update for free.

Why you should grab this extended version?

View the features of extended version.



– Advanced Menu. Easy to access to the setting page.


shortcode reference


– Shortcodes reference to use for anti copy and anti select.
– Get additional shortcode. Anti right click with custom message.


exit popup


– Free Advanced Exit Popup
– Give your user with special offer.
– Also comes with shortcodes to ensure you can put it on targeted page.


exit popup example


-Example of the popup.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

1. Why the the plugin (extended version) is set for donation not for sale with $12.5?

Answer: There are no 24/7 support if I wanna sold it. But don’t worry I still will answer all your questions. The different is it might take a time.

2. Is there any additional features besides stated above?

Answer: Surely yes, If you made a donation. Please send the prove to my email. If there are updates or bug fix you can download it for free of charge.

3. How long should I wait to download the plugin after I made the donation.

Answer: As soon as the payment is done. If you have any troubles to download the plugin, please tell me. I will help you to resolve the problem.

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