Example of C++ Sudoku Solver In GUI

Today I have a feeling to share the source code of my sudoku program that have been written in C++ QT.  You can download and edit the code if are interested to .

The UI of this program was developed in QT  and I used Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 to compile it.

[box type=”download”] 




Otherwise if you just want to use the compiled version of this program, can download by clicking the button below

[box type=”download”] 


The size of the file is quite huge as I put all the dependency required by the program to run so you don’t have to install and it’s also portable as long as you run the program on Windows XP and above.

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Facebook Emoticons Tool (Free Software)

I really sure that all of you already knew about Facebook Chat Emoticon.. isn’t  right? so I will not spend my time to explain it. Actually I wrote this program to solve my own problem to memorize all of the emoticon symbols and need to refer the other website for certain symbol code when I was chatting with my friends . I  don’t know whether you have same the  problem like me.

If you have it, then you can have a try this Facebook Emoticon Tool.

Facebook Emoticon Tool

(The Interface of Facebook Emoticon Tool)

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