Anonymous Hacker Attacked Malaysian Government Portal

Wow… It was very shocked since a group of very well-known Hackers sent their notice to attack Malaysian Government portal on last Wednesday, 16 Jun at 7.30pm GMT . I’m a Malaysian so I care about it, but actually I agreed with what the Anonymous Hacker said, the government should not block the File Sharing site and Wikileaks it is about they take away human right . In my opinion why they not block all the porn site instead of the file sharing site. The 10 file sharings site that was commanded by Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commision (MCMC) to be blocked by all Internet Service Provide (ISP) Malaysia was as listed below:

blocked site

The Anonymous hacker was posted the threat in a graphic on this website

And this was what they said:

Greetings, Malaysia, We have seen the censorship taken by the Malaysian government, blocking sites like The Pirate Bay, and WikiLeaks. Malaysia is one of the world’s strictest governments, even blocking out movies, and television shows. These acts of censorship are inexcusable. You are taking away a basic human right. The internet is here for freedom, without fear of government interference. Do not think that no one else notices. Your structured government has done the talking, and we hear loud and clear. Let this be an announcement to all your people. This is a sign, a warning, and an opportunity to listen to ideas above your own. In a way you are being stubborn. But how will this help anyone or your country. We fear that if you make further decisions to take away human freedom. We are obligated to act fast and have no mercy. For rules were meant to be broken. And corruption was meant to be washed away and forgiven. Now we will wash your corruption away so be prepared. Take this as a favour.


I have waited the time at 7:30 pm GMT or 3:30 am Malaysian time to see what would happen. Started by 12 midnight on that day the Malaysian portal ( can’t be accessed by me. I don’t know what has happen whether It was caused by Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) or the server was unplugged.

Until now no other damage on the portal, but some of other website government was defaced by Malaysian Dragon Force  due to the protest of the MCMC ‘s decision.

I really hope that the government will remove the command. Peace.. 🙂

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